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Corporate Strategy

Image for Corporate StrategyYour corporate strategy is your company’s game plan for winning; it should map out the moves you need to make to outwit your competitors, delight customers and increase long-term shareholder value. Effective strategy formulation should guide the actions of the executive team while inspiring and mobilizing the day to day execution of all employees.

Our True Reckoning Associates have worked with a broad range of companies, covering a variety of technology markets, with strategy formulation and execution. We’ve enabled companies to find new sources of profitable growth, reposition their businesses for the future and sharpen their competitive advantage.

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Business Development

business management sliderAt True Reckoning our approach insures a steady flow of business development activity for your early stage company or new business initiative which can shorten your time to revenue and maximize the use of human capital and financial resources. We support all facets of the business engagement process from qualifying opportunities to needs analysis, validation of the value proposition and business case, quantification of budgets and decision time lines, through to executive review and contract approval. True Reckoning will be there supporting you with a total turn-key “management team in a box” solution, or provide a seasoned executive to complement your existing business team by driving key areas of your business development activities. We are comfortable sliding into a player / coach role as required.

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New Product Introduction

new product introduction sliderCompetitive pressures, cost challenges and increased customer expectations are driving companies to implement / improve their New Product Introduction (NPI) processes. The goal is to execute cross-functional, business-focused NPI that brings new products to market more effectively (on time, budget & spec.).

Our team of True Reckoning Associates is well versed in guiding product development teams in the use of best practice and benchmark-based project plans, standard documentation templates, team structure, roles, gate review deliverables, and more. We combine our practical experience together with proven methodologies that enable all NPI stakeholders to speak a common language. We’ll help automate and streamline the process, expose performance bottlenecks, drive consistent execution and continuous improvement, and provide management visibility into the product development pipeline.

We’ll help you with a structured process for NPI that integrates the activities in all departments; not just design, but manufacturing, purchasing, sales and marketing and others as well.

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Strategic Alliances

strategic alliances sliderStrategic may be one of the most over-used words in business today. This is especially valid in the world of strategic alliances, where companies must distinguish between those alliances that are merely conventional and those that are indeed truly strategic.

As companies gain experience in building alliances, we often find our portfolios ballooning with partnerships. Certainly, many of these partnerships contribute value to the firm, however not all alliances are in fact strategic to an organization. Moreover alliances that are truly strategic must be identified clearly and managed differently than more conventional business relationships.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

mergers and acquisitions sliderSuccess at M&A deal making isn’t easy, yet many great companies were built on key M&A deals, and many deals are clear winners. Research has shown that companies with a history of strong deal making earn higher shareholder returns than those that do few deals or none at all. Consider GE, Cisco, and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few. Each of these companies has flourished through smart deal making.

As a result many companies continue to include M&A as part of their growth strategy and executive leaders find themselves in a classic catch-22. That is, nearly all studies conclude that only 3 in 10 M&A deals create meaningful value for the acquiring company. Worse yet, close to half of those deals actually destroy value.

How can acquirers overcome this conundrum? By employing specific tactics and behaviors that improve the odds that acquisitions will succeed. Our True Reckoning Associates have worked on M&A transactions with both corporate and financial institutions. We’ve been involved in all elements of the deal value chain, from screening through integration.

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