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Business Development

business management sliderAt True Reckoning our approach insures a steady flow of business development activity for your early stage company or new business initiative which can shorten your time to revenue and maximize the use of human capital and financial resources. We support all facets of the business engagement process from qualifying opportunities to needs analysis, validation of the value proposition and business case, quantification of budgets and decision time lines, through to executive review and contract approval. True Reckoning will be there supporting you with a total turn-key “management team in a box” solution, or provide a seasoned executive to complement your existing business team by driving key areas of your business development activities. We are comfortable sliding into a player / coach role as required. We offer the following Business Development services:

Early Stage Market Access – Even companies with the most innovative products and services often stumble out of the gate trying to secure all-important lead customers in key vertical markets. True Reckoning’s extensive C-Level relationships enable access to key decision makers normally accorded only to well-established brands. This results in more time in front of qualified prospects and real decision-makers, leading to shorter sales cycles and more market traction.

Executive Management Outsourcing – Early stage entrepreneurs wear many hats – technology guru, sales leader, evangelist and thought leader, fundraiser, marketer, and financial controller. While most understand they are compromising their business potential by diluting their efforts, inadequate capital or insufficient time to devote to recruiting, often leave gaping holes in their management teams. The True Reckoning team has the experience to “hit the ground running” and fill key vacancies such as CEO, VP of Sales & Marketing, Product Development, or Professional Services, on an interim or longer term basis.

Business Plan Creation – Investors need to see more than a great idea – they need a solid business plan that provides the context by which to judge that great idea against hundreds of others that cross their desks. What is the market potential (TAM/SAM/SOM)? Who are the key competitors and what is your sustainable advantage? Have you thought through the Go-to-Market plan? Will the execution strategy work and do the numbers make sense? The True Reckoning team has developed business plans that have resulted in hundreds of millions in funding and we have the blend of strategic, financial, and technical skills to quickly deliver the professional business plan that turns a great idea into a “fundable” business.

Raising Debt and Equity Capital – Whether raising the first seed stage or subsequent rounds of funding, a targeted strategy and a structured, focused approach are pre-requisites to success – a network full of contacts with angel investors, venture capital or private equity firms doesn’t hurt either. True Reckoning has the contacts, experience, and credibility to guide entrepreneurs through this process so they can secure required funding over a reasonable time horizon, without taking their eye off the full-time job of building a viable and thriving business.