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Corporate Strategy

Image for Corporate StrategyYour corporate strategy is your company’s game plan for winning; it should map out the moves you need to make to outwit your competitors, delight customers and increase long-term shareholder value. Effective strategy formulation should guide the actions of the executive team while inspiring and mobilizing the day to day execution of all employees.

Our True Reckoning Associates have worked with a broad range of companies, covering a variety of technology markets, with strategy formulation and execution. We’ve enabled companies to find new sources of profitable growth, reposition their businesses for the future and sharpen their competitive advantage.

We help all kinds of companies – from new startups to distressed businesses to market leaders – craft both corporate and business unit strategy. Often, our work starts with choosing arenas within which to compete and metrics that will determine success. Getting there takes sharp strategy tools. Working closely with the client, we use our secure wiki based collaboration environment to engage appropriate stakeholders within the client’s business including executives, key employees, customers and suppliers to ensure a well thought out strategic direction that is easily monitored and tracked for execution success.

If you’d like to formulate a strategy that distances you from the competition, we’d like to talk with you.