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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions Success at M&A deal making isn’t easy, yet many great companies were built on key M&A deals, and many deals are clear winners. Research has shown that companies with a history of strong deal making earn higher shareholder returns than those that do few deals or none at all. Consider GE, Cisco,…

Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances Strategic may be one of the most over-used words in business today. This is especially valid in the world of strategic alliances, where companies must distinguish between those alliances that are merely conventional and those that are indeed truly strategic. As companies gain experience in building alliances, we often find our portfolios ballooning…

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy Your corporate strategy is your company’s game plan for winning; it should map out the moves you need to make to outwit your competitors, delight customers and increase long-term shareholder value. Effective strategy formulation should guide the actions of the executive team while inspiring and mobilizing the day to day execution of all…